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Company Retreats in Columbus

Company Retreats in  Columbus

Are you looking for help in planning your next company retreat?

When you are tasked with planning a company retreat that is unforgettable, come to the experts in the event planning industry. Here at Columbus Team Building, we have years of experience working with event planners just like you. We create team building events at company retreats that improve morale and boost confidence.

Whether you are planning a corporate event for your own office or for a client, we can help you come up with the perfect mix of games and activities to get the party moving. Company retreats are all about making bonds and getting to know each other, and our activities are designed to break the ice and allow your employees to do just that.

We Understand Team Building

Here at Columbus Team Building, we are your expert source for Columbus company retreat activities. We offer an assortment of indoor activities and fun outdoor events that are based around popular local points of interest in Columbus. Our Event Specialists are here to help you choose the perfect mix of activities to achieve your goals and come in under budget. We guarantee we have the company retreat ideas you need to jumpstart your event, including:

  • Wild Goose Chase – Take a modern look at a classic scavenger hunt with one of our most popular team building activities. Hilarious challenges are sent right to the smartphone of your participants. Using the latest technology, participants race around Columbus, in a crazy high-tech hunt.  Observe the action real-time to see who is at the top of the leaderboard.
  • CI: The Crime Investigators – Ask your group members to bring their innovative problem solving skills, creativity, and cooperation to help the local police department solve crimes. Forensic investigation is modified to a group format that is entertaining and engaging. Participants use their skills of deduction and detection to come up with the answers.
  • Authentic Leadership – We believe leadership skills can be acquired, and we provide the perfect activities to help your team members do just that. Participants learn and live principles of Authentic Leadership in order to improve enthusiasm and morale within the company.
  • Executive Retreats – Our ultimate executive retreats turn participants into corporate explorers. Work with our expert facilitators to create a unique program that will allow your team to cross items off their bucket list while they build bonds with other group members.

Whether you are looking for an active event that gives you an opportunity to explore the city, a cognitive event that forces deeper thinking, or just a silly, fun activity, we have what you need to be successful.

Let Us Help You

We know that planning a big event or corporate retreat is no simple task. We take part of the job off your plate by taking care of the events and games. Our customers come to us when they need:

  • Helpful resources and links for team building
  • Effective programs for training employees
  • Fun ideas for corporate group activities
  • Engaging volunteer travel incentives

We are experts at team building and morale boosting. We strive to be flexible, fast, reliable, and portable.  We can manage events anywhere in the world, and we have over 20 years of customer feedback perfecting our methods and techniques. Our team is made up of dedicated, energetic professionals that believe in what they do.

Contact Us Today

Whether you have a small group retreat coming up or are planning an event for thousands of people, we have what you need to ensure the activities are unforgettable. Allow us to help you create a corporate event that makes all the difference in your day-to-day operations. Our Event Specialists are here to discuss your options with you and help you choose the ones that fit in your budget.

Call us today at 1-877-713-7238 to learn more about how we can help you create a truly magical event with our Columbus company retreat activities.