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Problem Solving Activities in Columbus

Problem Solving Activities in  Columbus

Challenge your team’s intellect and logic skills with our top problem solving activities in Columbus. Give employees a fun mental workout that will put their brainpower to the test!

Group brain training activities that get employees thinking

Employees need to solve problems every day at work – from balancing budgets, to project challenges, to simple IT issues. Being able to effectively problem solve can help to boost your team's productivity. That's why companies in Columbus trust our problem solving activities to help get their employees thinking on their feet.

Our cognitive and cerebral activities are a great way to give your team a mental workout that's both fun and exciting. More than just simple brain training, our cerebral team building activities mix in elements of competition and immersive storytelling to provide employees an unforgettable problem solving experience.

Immersive problem solving activities for groups in Columbus

Our most popular problem solving activities fully immerse teams in exciting roles to figure out fun and interesting challenges. In CI: The Crime Investigators for example, participants are transformed into a team of forensic detectives trying to solve a crime in Columbus. The immersive detective elements like caution lines, police badges, and forensic tools help to put your team in the right mindset for the cerebral challenges.

Each teammate is given a specific role – evidence coordinator, forensic artist, lead detective, etc. – and needs to use their unique skills to solve small puzzles they discover at the crime scenes. In the end, everyone will need to put their heads together and discover how all the evidence connects to solve the crime.

Other problem solving activities transform your team into NASA scientists and news broadcasters. Explore our full list of cognitive and cerebral activities.

Your team did a great job facilitating while keeping a fun and lighthearted atmosphere in the room. Very professional group, really creative with the crime scenes. Very organized, personable, and great activity."

Smartphone problem solving activities and team “brain games”

For teams on a budget, we also offer a variety of "brain game" smartphone activities that are sure to give your employees a mental workout. All of our smartphone activities include mechanics like points and live leaderboard to get participants thinking fast. There's nothing like a little friendly competition to jumpstart your team's brainpower!

If you're looking for a flexible solution, our smartphone problem solving activities can be tailored to meet your needs. No matter what your time constraints are, how big or small your group is, or where your event is located – we can work with you to create the perfect activity for your team.

Check out all of our smartphone problem solving activities for teams on a budget.

Our company had so much fun with your app and the Team Pursuit challenge. It was a wonderful team building activity and extremely easy to use. Your team offered wonderful customer service which made it easy for me to implement a great event."

Our top 10 problem solving activities

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